Hatton Law primarily represents investors and developers in land acquisition and development. We also represent individual landowners, buyers, sellers, and families with their property purchases, sales, ownership, access, and title issues.  Most of the referrals received by our firm are from prior clients and experienced realtors who understand the value and peace of mind we provide.


At Hatton Law, we represent both experienced and novice investors in significant land acquisitions in both rural and urban areas throughout the state of Texas. We provide an in-depth review of title documents, including existing easements, wells, pipelines, and other encumbrances. We are experienced in advising on the tax consequences of various real estate investments and transactions and use this knowledge to help investors structure transactions to meet their goals. In addition to these services, our firm regularly creates business entities and governing documents for a variety of ventures. We also assist investors in obtaining and keeping agricultural and wildlife valuations on their real property.


Our firm assists developers through every stage of development, from early due diligence through property acquisition and subdivision. We assist with permitting, county approvals, and property tax issues, including projects designed to keep agricultural or wildlife valuations on real property prior to and, in some cases, during and after development.  We create property owners’ associations, draft deed restrictions and easements, and assist our clients with turnover once development is complete.


Hatton Law regularly assists families, and individual owners with matters affecting their residential, rural, and recreational properties Including title, heirship, access, easement , boundary, and tax issues.  We also create entities and governing documents for family ventures related to real estate ownership, management and investment.

Buyers and Sellers

Our firm regularly works with individual real estate buyers, sellers, and their realtors. When making a significant real estate purchase, it is imperative that the contract, survey, title and closing documents be reviewed by an experienced real estate attorney who represents you. We assist our clients from contract to closing and ensure that they understand the interest in property they are purchasing, any possible impediments to their intended use of the property, and what title coverage they will have.  We also  draft closing documents, including deeds, to ensure transactions are  consummated as the parties agreed and intend.